Buy Crypto Supremely Easily

We were fed up with the ultra lengthy and highly complicated process of buying cryptocurrencies–that’s exactly why we launched SWAPS, to solve this fundamental problem. Disrupting and completely reinventing the old way, we are the change this industry craves

With world-class talent on board, we created a remarkably sleek platform that finally opens the gates of the crypto world for everyone while making buying and selling hyper-fast, and supremely easy

Who we are

We want to make a difference, but above all, make our customers’ lives easy . Company or individual, we’ve been dedicated to lowering the barrier of entry to the crypto world for both since 2019. Fraud and malicious behaviour have become synonymous with cryptocurrencies lately, but we are proud to be on the other side.

Being a fully compliant and regulated European company, we combine industry leading security with a blazingly fast and incredibly easy-to-use platform to bring buying and selling crypto to everyone; beginner or expert, company or individual.