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Trust and Security

Forget Chargeback Fraud

We ensure you don’t have to deal with crypto chargebacks, saving your significant time and other resources

leading KYC Verification

Instant verifications and extensive testing allow us to eliminate common drop-off points

World-class Anti-fraud System

With our top global partners we established a fully tamper-proof anti-fraud mechanism, fighting cryptocurrency fraud with unprecedented efficiency

Forget Lengthy Processes


Based in Europe and Canada, fully compliant, with PCI DSS certification

Secure Payments

Full 3-DS V2 Secure transactions.
Card authorization by code.
Verified by Visa. Mastercard ID Check

Transparent Fees

See exactly what you pay for, with the lowest fees in the industry

Ease and Accessibility

Crypto for

Anyone, Anywhere

Our crypto desktop widget is available in 160+ countries with 24/7 support

Clean and Simple

 User Interface

Our cryptocurrency API enriches your website with the state-of-art, simple multi currency widget

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Crypto Integration Made Simple

Integrate our state-of-the-art crypto widget, connect to our API or iFrame code, and start offering and accepting Bitcoin, Ethereum, Tether and many other cryptocurrencies today

Cryptos On Your Site?

Partner with Swaps!

If you’d like to offer the ultimate cryptocurrency service to your audience, look no further. Follow a couple of simple steps, connect to our crypto API, and become a partner to earn and bring cryptos to your base

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Buy Bitcoin

Bitcoin is the most popular cryptocurrency that was launched in 2008 by the mysterious creator named Satoshi Nakamoto.

Buy Dogecoin

This altcoin needs almost no introduction - it’s the memecoin that completely disrupted the way the people think about investing and value,

Buy Shiba Inu

Unquestionably the latest star of the crypto market, this altcoin proved, once again, that even a joke can be very serious.

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