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Last Updated: July, 2021

Terms and Definitions


Is the virtual currency exchange platform at The Service belongs to Octo liquidity OU (Estonia).

Terms and Conditions

Refer to these Terms and Conditions developed for the Affiliate Engagement Service.


Is an internet user who falls under these Terms and Conditions through implied acceptance by:

  1. Registering for the Service by providing the Affiliate's email and Bitcoin addresses to receive a Reward.
  2. Posting a Referral ID on the internet in accordance with the Terms and Conditions and/or placing a Widget with a built-in Affiliate ID on the internet.

Affiliate Bitcoin Address

Is the Affiliate's identifier (public key) for receiving bitcoin remuneration.

Affiliate ID

Is the Affiliate's unique identifier in the Service, which is provided by the Affiliate to Users by posting a referral link on the internet and/or by placing a Widget on the Affiliate’s website.


Is the Affiliate's identifier in the Service.


Is a block for displaying data (from the Service) in a pre-configured form (Swaps software code), which enables the Affiliate to embed this block into the code of the Affiliate’s website and/or application (including mobile apps).


Is a new user of the Service, who:

  1. Has not been authorised in the Service by providing their email address; and/or
  2. Has not made a Purchase and/or Sale through the Service.


Is the status of a User who has followed a Referral ID link and has been verified by email by entering a Code.


Is the new status of Referral-A who has made a Purchase through the Service within ninety (90) calendar days of the date of their first use of the Referral ID link.


Is a six-digit code that the Service sends to Referral-A as part of verification by email.


Is the exchange of fiat currency for virtual currency through the Referral-Buyer Service.


Is the exchange of virtual currency for fiat currency through the Referral-Buyer Service.


Is a change in the User's status in the Service. Referral-A is associated with the new Affiliate whose Referral ID is present in the link used by Referral-A.


Is the fee that the Service pays to the Affiliate in accordance with the following conditions:

  1. The Reward is paid for each transaction of the Affiliate's ReferralBuyer who makes a Purchase and/or Sale using the Affiliate's Referral ID;
  2. The amount of the Reward is 50% of the Service’s profit from the transaction of the Referral-Buyer and is payable to the Affiliate associated with the Referral-Buyer;
  3. The Reward is paid in the manner specified in clause 6 of the Terms and Conditions;
  4. Remuneration is not payable if the Affiliate and/or Referral-Buyer violates these Terms and Conditions.


  • Referral-A is associated in the Service with the Affiliate whose Referral ID is present in the link used by Referral-A.
  • If Referral-A makes a Purchase and/or Sale within ninety (90) calendar days of the date of their first use of the Referral ID link, the Affiliate receives a Reward on their ID. The status of Referral-A will be changed to Referral-Buyer.
  • The Affiliate's Reward will be calculated after any subsequent transactions are performed by the ReferralBuyer using the originally specified email. The Reward is paid into the Affiliate's Bitcoin address. If the Referral-Buyer has changed their e-mail, the Reward is not paid to the Affiliate. The Referral-Buyer is assigned Referral-A status if all the following conditions are met at the same time:
    1. Reusing the link containing the Affiliate's Referral ID and verifying a new email address by entering the Code;
    2. Having not previously registered in the Service at the time of verification.
  • If one or all of these conditions are not met, the ReferralBuyer will no longer be associated with the Affiliate.
  • If Referral-A uses a link with the Referral ID of another Service Affiliate within ninety (90) calendar days of first using the Referral ID link and is verified by email by entering the corresponding Code in the Service, then Overwriting will occur.
  • If Referral-A has not acquired Referral-Buyer status within ninety (90) calendar days of first using the Referral ID link, Referral-A will automatically lose its link to any Service Affiliate on the ninety-first (91st) calendar day. In this case, the Affiliate does not receive the Reward.
  • It is forbidden to post a Referral ID:
    1. In systems for the active advertising, paid viewing of advertising materials or paid tasks as well as other similar systems (Seosprint, Socpublic, Wmmail, Vipip, Seo-fast, Wmpublic, Profitcentr, Greenstree, Fastprom, Webisida, Wmrfast, Wmrok, Vktarget, Vipip, Wm-seo etc)
    2. On websites which utilise the services in the above paragraph
    3. In mass mailing (spam) and electronic messages in various services and social networks
    4. On websites which forcibly open browser windows (including doorways) or open websites in a hidden frame
    5. On websites whose sole purpose is the placement of referral links
    6. On websites that distribute any materials that directly or indirectly violate the law
    7. On web pages which are not available for public viewing (for example, private groups and pages on social networks, private sections of forums etc).
  • Affiliates who violate the above rules will be blacklisted from the Affiliate Programme. Payments will not be made for referrals coming from such websites.
  • Parties in violation of the Terms and Conditions will be blocked without any further payment or explanation.
  • The Reward is paid as follows:The Reward is paid upon the completion of a successful purchase made by a ReferralBuyer. The Affiliate Reward is paid to the Affiliate's Bitcoin address.

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